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About Black Witch Raven

I can take your relationship back to where it once was

Have you tried everything to fix your marriage? Are you considering the use of Magic to bring back the love you once had? Are you in need of a Relationship Reset Spell?

Are you and your lover going through a tough time? Have you and your soulmate had an argument? Has the spark gone from your relationship? Is your relationship strained and not what it used to be? Would like to turn back the clock - back to when everything was wonderful, and new, and romantic and it felt like you had your entire lives ahead of you?

Or is your loved one neglecting family duties? Do they seem overly interested in somebody else? Have they have lost interest in you and the relationship in general? Has all romance completely died out? Has communication become nearly non-existent?

Have they left you for another?

Do not panic. All is not lost.

Let me bring healing and romance back into your union. Let me fix what has gone wrong, and let me restore the love that once brought the two of you together.

How does the Repair & Reset Relationship Spell work?

This spell isn't just about starting over, or even igniting sexual passion. The Relationship Reset Spell is much more than that.

I start by stirring memories in the mind of your loved one. Reminding them - the person who has lost interest in you - of all the good things you once had together, back when he or she was committed to you.

Here's the thing about 'reminders' though - most of the time, when they come from OUTSIDE we ignore them. Sometimes we even resent them. There's nothing more annoying than a spouse who's constantly telling us we're not as attentive as we once were, or we don't do all those little things that we used to.

But, when those reminders come from WITHIN, from the darkest recesses of our mind, that's when we Begin to really

Pay attention.

And that's what this spell does: It creates powerful, persuasive thoughts and memories about the way things used to be, and how they could be again, going forwards, if we just

Let them.

Now - what happens next depends on what your other half is like. It might result in them wanting to have long talks with you, or wanting to be with you again. It might mean that they just do a lot of thinking - but of you, and not others. It might result in them being more responsible, and doing the right thing. Doing what's best for the both of you, doing whatever's necessary to make your relationship amazing - just like it used to be.

But either way, if you're able to follow a few simple instructions, this spell becomes more and more powerful, pulling your relationship back from the brink and making it wonderful once more.

A WARNING about ordering this Powerful Relationship Reset Repair Spell

This spell works through YOU. Which means, YOU have to follow whatever instructions I give you, or the spell won't work, and you will have wasted your time and mine. Not to mention quite a lot of money.

And that's exactly as it should be. Whilst it's tempting to sit there and feel angry or hurt at your partner - positive that all the problems in your relationship are down to them - I don't have a spell that makes THEM undo all the damage that's been done, even if it IS their fault. I only have a spell that works through YOU, and the actions that YOU perform, because it's YOU who want things to go back to the way they were.

So, if you're the sort of person who prefers to lay in bed and spend their time wishing things were better, rather than getting out of bed and spending five minutes doing something that will actually make a difference... this spell ain't for you.

Also - if you want to go back to that very first date, or want your mate to seem like you just met, then this is not the spell for you either. I don't do time travel or memory loss.

This spell is about YOU getting your love-interest involved again. Getting that person to want you and you alone, and going back to when you were happy and things were going great.

If that's what you have been wanting, then order the Relationship Reset Spell NOW!

FINALLY - many clients come to me as a last resort, when the glowing embers of the relationship are finally dead, and there's very little to work with. I've brought back relationships from situations like that BUT it's much harder, and it takes MORE time... do yourself a favour; don't wait! If you're serious about wanting to save your relationship then order the Relationship Reset Spell NOW!

Why are my love and relationship spells so effective?

Why should you choose me to invoke the spirits, and cast a relationship love spells on your behalf?

I am a Black Magic Witch, who specializes in powerful ancient spells and curses. I perform a variety of rituals that have been proven to work time and again, and that consistently channel powerful forces to change people's lives for the better.

The forces at work behind what I do are not easily understood by the average person, but the consistent results and sheer number of repeat requests for my services are proof enough. I perform all the rituals myself, but unfortunately can only fulfill one spell or curse request each night, due to the intensity of the ritual, and the time spent personalizing it for each person.

For some, my services might be expensive...they are indeed among the highest on the Internet. But there's a good reason for this. The spells that I cast are powerful, intense, and extremely effective - and get results. Simply put - when a person of my experience and ability accepts your request for a spell or curse, you will get what you seek.

Are you ready to take your relationship to the next level?

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Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed!
I pride myself on having many happy customers who come back time and time again, and recommend my services to friends and family.

Why wait a moment longer to have what you've been waiting for? I can help you TODAY.


$299 $249 / spell



Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed!
I pride myself on having many happy customers who come back time and time again, and recommend my services to friends and family.

Why wait a moment longer to have what you've been waiting for? I can help you TODAY.


Do not order a spell unless you are 100% certain you wish to proceed!

Black Magic is very real. It is not something that should be ventured into lightly, and once a spell is cast, often there is no stopping it. Black Magic can be extremely dangerous if used in the wrong way. As per the terms of this website, I shall not be held responsible for unforeseen outcomes of any spells and curses cast on behalf of clients.


* You may feel angry towards your partner now, but a revenge curse can sometimes lead to irreversible physical or mental injury. Could you live with that?

* Often times it is essential to break off all contact from the cursed in order to protect ourselves from dark, evil forces. Are you able to do that? Are you strong enough to walk away and let the curse take effect?

* Using Black Magic to bring back your ex might seem like a good idea now, but maybe the relationship was never really that great. Wouldn’t it be better to have me find you someone new?